Central Bakery

This is our original and the first Holbrook Bakery that was established in 1899. This is an experience you will want to repeat time & time again.All goods freshly made on the premises and baked daily. Our Friendly staff, great atmosphere and fabulous food all make the Holbrook Bakery the best place to eat and shop.

For all your daily bakery products including:

  1. Retail and wholesale orders
  2. Lunch
  3. Morning & afternoon tea & smoko orders
  4. Phone your orders in advance.

Products, Services & Brands

  1. Holbrook Bakery & Coffee Shop
  2. Fresh Baked Breads & Rolls
  3. Steak Sandwiches & Take Away Food
  4. Pies, Pasties & Sausage Rolls
  5. Take Away Fish & Chips
  1. Cakes & Slices
  2. Sandwiches & Focaccias
  3. Coffee, Tea & Refreshments
  4. Catering for Light Lunches

Central Bakery Gallery


Central Bakery: Mon-Fri:6 am-6pm | Sat-Sun: 8am-7pm | Closed: Christmas, Boxing and New Years Day.
Southern Bakery: Mon-Sun: 7am-4.30pm | Closed: Christmas, Boxing and New Years Day.

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